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Air France Business Class Amenity Kit

Osman Dadi
The Air France classic Business Class amenity kit has been a staple on the airline for many years. This was my toiletries travel case in the past, and I love the cool classy design features that are uniquely Air France!

On Wednesday this week, I flew Air France in Business Class from Paris Charles De Gaulle to Washington Dulles, and got a chance to witness and review the amenity kit.

Unfortunately I was downgraded from a newer A350-900 to a B777-200 aircraft on my flying day only, which features a much less exciting seat and business class product than the A359. I’ve reviewed this product before on an Air France flight from Paris to Dubai in 2022.

Despite this, the service was wonderful and the food positively delicious – which is something I’ve come to expect out of flying Air France several times in the past.

One of the coolest moments on this flight was hearing Daft Punk in the boarding music sequence. The Captain, extremely friendly, also greeted every single passenger in Business Class (taken with permission).

I received awesome food, juices and drinks.

I even loved the Illy Cappuccino that I received early in the flight! Later, I received another coffee with a chocolate bar.

Finally, I also received the Air France classic Business Class amenity kit that has been a staple on the airline for many years.

Air France has not updated their amenity kit in quite some time! The kit I received on my flight is exactly the same one that I’ve seen before, when I last flew Air France from Paris to Dubai at the end of 2022.

That said, this classic case was my de-facto toiletries travel case for many many years, before I replaced it with Air Canada’s Acqua Di Parma Amenity Kit last year.

Air France Business Class Amenity Kit Case

On my flight after boarding, Air France crew walked around prior to departure and handed out amenity kits from a tray to all passengers in Business Class.

Passengers have a choice (and were asked) between a blue or gray embroidered amenity kit.

On my flight today, I chose the blue version of the amenity kit.

This amenity kit is roughly 6″ tall and 8″ wide.

It is a slightly oblong triangular shape in section, 1.5″ deep at the bottom and 0.5″ deep at the top near the zipper.

This design allows the amenity kit to stand and sit vertically on a table, with no difficulty.

The Air France Pegasus logo is an etched dark blue leather patch on the upper front center of the amenity kit.

The embroidered fabric has a slanted/striped design that alternates in its direction.

The threads also alternate between the dark blue and a silver gray. The silver threads are actually patterned horizontally.

There’s a stylish red leather band at the zipper.

As I’ve noted for other amenity kit reviews, I absolutely love that the zipper opens partway along the side.

It’s one of the most useful design features for an amenities case.

This allows the case to open substantially wide, and fit all kinds of contents.

The Air France logo is found inside the amenity kit. This is “painted” onto the vinyl interior.

The interior of the amenity kit is a vinyl texture, and a dark blue color.

Due to the oblong design of the kit, the amenity kit is substantially deep and can fit a lot of contents.

Air France Business Class Amenity Kit Contents

The Air France Business Class amenity kit features more contents against rivals such as Finnair and Lufthansa.

Amenity Kit Contents:

  • Blue Socks – these fit quite loose and aren’t really “keepers” so to speak.
  • A dark blue Air France pen with logo, and black ink
  • Dark blue eye mask with adjustable strap
  • Bamboo toothbrush
  • Buccotherm Toothpaste
  • Ear plugs
  • Clarins “Beauty Flash Balm” Tightening & Radiance Boosting Lotion
  • Clarins Hydra-Essentiel Moisturizes and Quences, Matte Gel

I appreciate the inclusion of a pen within the amenity kit, as I do like to write notes and sometimes draw during a flight. I always find a pen handy in the most unusual situations.

Another interesting feature worth pointing out is that the eye mask has an adjustable strap, which is not something I’ve seen before.

I also love the inclusion of Clarins products!

I tried the Beauty Flash Balm lotion at my seat as well the Hydra-Essentiel gel, and found both to be cooling and refreshing.

Final Thoughts

The Air France Business Class amenity kit is a classic kit that comes in a blue or gray embroidered pattern with a classic Air France red strap.

The amenity kit features more contents against rivals such as Finnair and Lufthansa. I love the inclusion of Clarins moisturizer products, and also find the pen to be incredibly useful.

The case design is classy, classic to Air France, and the oblong shape is very unique.

This awesome case was my de-facto toiletries travel case for many, many years

If you’re looking for a skinny rectangular style toiletries case, this is a solid choice.

However, I also feel that it’s soon time for Air France to probably update their amenity kits!

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