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Air Canada Signature Class B777 Toronto Canada to Tokyo Japan

Osman Dadi
Given that this is now my third amazing flight on Air Canada, suffice to say I love flying the airline in long distance Signature Class. I got an excellent Aeroplan deal on this flight to Asia, and used the Signature Suite in Toronto before boarding.

My third long distance Signature Class flight on Air Canada has been as good as last two (one on their B787, another on their A330). This long flight from Toronto to Tokyo was fantastic and nearly perfect, with my only complaints being the age of the B777-300ER plane and the inferior bedding on Air Canada in this cabin. However, Air Canada excels in every other category on their long distance service.

I got an excellent Aeroplan deal on this flight to Asia, at 70,500 Aeroplan Points and $401.76 CAD ($299 USD). That’s excellent value for the product, which I combined with American Eagle’s E170 First Class to get to Toronto, as well as a visit to the Chase Sapphire Lounge in New York.

Toronto Pearson YYZ
Tokyo Haneda HND
Air Canada ACA001
Signature Class 4K
Points Used
70,500 Aeroplan Points
Cash Spent
$401.76 CAD ($299 USD)

I also got to try Air Canada’s Signature Suite Lounge in Toronto before this flight, which is a great pairing.

Booking My Air Canada Signature Class Ticket

My last rebooking was done just six days before travel, when I switched a Thursday flight to a Tuesday mid-week departure – two days earlier.

I booked a refundable, changeable ticket – using 70,500 Aeroplan points and $401.76 CAD (approximately $299 USD). Combined with my American Eagle flight, it cost 70,500 Aeroplan points and $533 USD one way from New York to Japan in all Business Class on a refundable ticket.

Booking refundable tickets on this trip ended up being a huge benefit when I decided to move my travel date two days sooner, aligning better with some mid-week meetings. I thought this fare and service was very well priced.

The booking was simple enough and followed the typical process on the Aeroplan site. I found one window seat open in the forward Signature Class cabin, seat 4K.

I have provided the widgets below for the purposes of comparing pricing.

The Ground Experience

This time around, I was transiting in Toronto’s Pearson Airport (YYZ). Air Canada is housed in YYZ’s Terminal 1. I arrived in Terminal 3 off my American Eagle flight from New York LGA.

Getting to YYZ Terminal One

If you’re taking a non-Star-Alliance flight into YYZ, and need to transit to Air Canada, you’ll 99% likely need to transfer between Terminals 3 and 1 for Air Canada flights. First you’ll need to head upstairs, and then follow signs for the Trains and D-E-F gates.

There’s a people mover train that allows you to do this transfer.

In my case, the train was only running every three minutes, so the transfer took a while.

Luckily this is a pretty easy and seamless process despite the time it takes.

Altogether I would budget about 30 minutes for this transfer protocol. This is mainly for the walking, train and wait time.

Check In

Terminal 1 was a zoo! There were so many people. It turns out after getting to Terminal 1, I found the Air Canada Business Class check-in was all the way on the other side of the building!

Air Canada Check-In is located in Sections 1 and 2.

I first passed the Economy Class Check In. Then, I found the grand glassy entry into the Air Canada Signature Class Check in.

When I got to Air Canada’s Signature Class Check-In counters thru this portal, the experience was so much fun!

Air Canada has two areas of lounge seating at the Toronto Pearson Terminal 1 Signature Class check-in area.

Air Canada staff really delivers with its culture, or maybe it’s just Canada – everyone was in a good mood and service oriented.

First of all there was zero wait time, I was first in line.

I noticed and asked about the Super Elite Check-In, which is a whole separate line.

This is the super elite of the elite – and I was told in cheeky form that it’s for the people that never go home.

As cool as this is, I’m so glad I’m not one of those people that’s never home!

Check In was very smooth and efficient here – I received a paper boarding pass and was told I should use the Signature Suite lounge by Gate E77.

The baggage handler at the Super Elite Check In was exemplary in showing how cheerful the staff is here. Not only that, he also grabbed a photo of me in front of the Air Canada model in this space.

Seriously, this is an impressively cool Check In area.

From here, I also had to drop off an oversized baggage in Section 3. There was no traffic here!

But generally, you can head into the security zone from right outside the Signature Class check in area.

After Check In and crossing security, it was also a long walk to the E Gates.

The walk after security to the E gates was massive and took a whopping 10 minutes.

To make matters even less exciting, there was nothing to see on the walk – no shops or other items of interest; it was like walking through a sterile military base in a Sci-Fi movie.

Finally you come to a junction to go down into the gates area. Here you can also choose to visit the Maple Leaf Lounge in the E gates; or you can continue onwards to the special Signature Suite lounge.


There were two different lounge options to choose from: the standard Maple Leaf Lounge in the E Terminal, and also the special Air Canada Signature Suite Lounge across from Gate E77. As a Signature Class traveler, I had access to both.

Readers choosing between the lounges should know this key information:

  • If you’re looking to eat awesome food and have a fine dining and drinks experience, go to the Signature Suite Lounge.
  • If you’re looking for an office environment or to use a shower like in a standard Air Canada lounge, go to the Maple Leaf Lounge.

Conveniently, my departure gate was just around the corner at E78, across from the Air Canada Signature Lounge at Gate 77 in the E Terminal Gate area.

I have written a review on the Signature Lounge separately, and spent only 35 minutes here. If you’re leaving from this terminal, I think you’ll absolutely want to use the Air Canada Signature Suite lounge before your flight.


Unfortunately I didn’t make first in line for boarding, given my limited time to try out the Signature Suite Lounge. I was stunned to see a massive swarm of people waiting at gate for boarding.

But, I still caught the end of Zone 2 before a massive group of economy class passengers would begin.

Our plane was a beautiful toothpaste schemed B777-300ER. The paint scheme was the first tell that this aircraft is of age.

Although some don’t like it, this is still one of my favorite airplane schemes of all time for its uniqueness. I was happy to fly on it this time!

Air Canada B777-300ER Business Class Cabin and Seats

The Air Canada business class cabin is awesome in any case. This B777 was definitely an older model with its finishes and lighting.

Nevertheless, the cabin is beautifully prepared, with meticulous attention to detail. The Air Canada Signature Class cabin tones feature classy black, red, grey, and warm wood tones.

The cabin seating is configured in a Saffron herringbone configuration, which is common on many airlines.

The configuration is well thought out, and the Seats are staggered between the aisle and window seats.

This gives even more privacy as you cannot peer past the aisle divider looking both ways.

This seating type is also used on Air France and KLM, among many other airlines.

Above the middle seating, there are central baggage bins that run the length of the cabin.

Signature Class in the B777 also features excellent soft lighting colors along the interior of the cabin.

The cabin has a very open and spacious feel and features a beautiful Air Canada logo to the rear.

Regarding the age of the aircraft, I also noticed the windows were also seriously cracked on the outside from air pressure.

The best part of Air Canada’s Signature Class is the seat!

Air Canada B777 Signature Class Seat 4K

Air Canada Signature Class uses Collins Aerospace Super Diamond seats, each which converts to a 79″ long fully-flat bed. Overall, flying in Air Canada’s Signature Seat is a brilliant experience, and choosing a seat on the right-hand side of the plane if you are right-handed is perfect.

Seat 4K on the B777 is excellent, especially if you like looking out of the window as I do. It has two and a half windows in great alignment for views outside and clears the engines nicely.

Generally on the B777-300ER, most seats have good viewing positions out of the aircraft. I would be equally okay choosing thru Row 7.

The seat has a massive 16-18” TV in front, and it does not tilt or move.

There’s a coat hook along the upper top frame of the seat well in front of the seat.

Below the seat is more storage to the aisle (left) and along the window (right). First let’s look at the left aisle side.

An armrest can be raised or lowered on the aisle side of the seat, depending on how you want it.

This side-arm is well cushioned. There’s also a light for the storage well, which itself is quite deep.

It’s a great place to store cables and chargers.

The side arm ends up making additional sleeping surface in lie-flat mode.

The foot well is spacious, with plenty of space for your feet and another storage cubby below for your shoes. There’s also document and laptop storage on the right. This area can also be used for shoe storage, and it has a light.

However, the age of the seat and aircraft was clear on this flight. My seat well smelled like a McDonalds play area.

To the right-hand side, there is a reading light that you can push to tilt for the perfect angle.

One of my favorite parts of this seat is the amount of storage space on the side along the window. Here’s a view mid-flight just before landing, as I was packing all my items.

Now let’s get back to how I found the side table area. The amenity kit and a water bottle was placed at each seat prior to boarding. The headphones were packaged and placed in the seat storage bin.

The storage unit here is very spacious! It’s one of my favorite parts about the Air Canada Signature Class seat.

You’ll find the remote, the seat’s power port, a USB-A charging slot, and the headphone plug here. It’s also deep enough to fit an Apple MacBook Pro charger, which is quite large in itself.

I love the attention to detail at these seats – there are two slots for wires to come out of this storage bin. One is aligned for the table and computer use, and the other for headphones and charging.

Overhead are two lights and two air nozzles.

Air Canada B777 Signature Class Table

The work surface with this seat is enormous.

To the front, there is a folding table. It releases in fixed positions with a latch.

A lever below releases it; you can have it in 3 positions and fold it open to become larger.

I found it provided a vast working surface and was super stable and strong.

In fact, between the table and the side surface, I could eat and have a laptop plus a side display set up. Having that much work surface space on a business-class flight is always exceptional.

I recommend sitting on the right side of the plane if you are right handed.

Air Canada B777 Signature Class Seat Controls

The seat comes with what I can only describe as advanced seat controls, offering you plenty of customization options.

They are found right below the interior tray panel, to the side of the seat.

The controls are a digital touch screen and are the same interface as Oman Air. This is also the same interface as on Air Canada’s B787s.

Seat control functions include:


  • Window darkness
  • Light in the footwell
  • Overhead light

Comfort Adjustments

  • Headrest massage (can also move up or down).
  • Lumbar massage (can also move up or down).
  • Lumbar firmness.
  • Massage functions.


  • Can easily switch to Sit, Relax, and Rest modes.
  • Can also individually adjust any seat position.
  • Seems to be all tied together.


  • Do Not Disturb
  • Wake Me for Service
  • Call Attendant

Also, Lie Flat, Takeoff/Landing Buttons are on the side of the seat. These are non-touch screen.

Lie Flat Mode & Turn Down Service

The seat turns into a very comfortable lie-flat bed with plenty of space! I’ve already mentioned the massive table space, but you can utilize all of it while sleeping as well.

It also has more than enough space for sleep mode, with plenty of room to get comfortable in

Air Canada B777 Signature Class Sleeping Provisions

The Air Canada Signature Class also comes with a pillow, slippers, and a comforter and mattress pad.

These are wrapped in plastic and found the seat.

The mattress pad is thin, and there’s a thick comforter, and a puffy pillow.

Air Canada also provides a set of slippers on the flight.

Air Canada Signature Class Amenity Kit & Amenities

The Air Canada Amenity kit is by Acqua Di Parma, made exclusively for Air Canada.

I’ve reviewed this amenity kit in detail in a separate article on Air Canada’s New 2024 Amenity Kits.

This time, I noticed the Amenity Kits have been updated to an entirely new leather design and boxy shape!

I found the contents comprehensive and very useful. My favorite part is the glass cleaner – which I always need for my camera lenses.

Amenity Kit Contents

  • Eye Mask – oversized and extra large. Very comfortable.
  • Socks – black, very large.
  • Glass cleaner – how useful!! This is my favorite feature.
  • Earplugs
  • Dental Kit with toothbrush and toothpaste, mouthwash and floss pick.
  • Hand cream and Lip Balm (boxed)

Air Canada B777-300ER Signature Class Restrooms

I’ve noticed all Air Canada Signature Class cabins have the restrooms in the same locations, no matter the aircraft. This extends to their B787, A333, and also this B773ER aircraft.

The Air Canada Business Class cabin on the B777-300ER features two restrooms—one at the front and one in the middle of the cabin.

There are few special features in the restrooms. Most importantly, I noticed that there is no baby changing table in any of the restrooms on this aircraft. However, Air Canada holds to its theme of having a window in the middle restroom on its aircraft!

Front Restroom

There is one restroom at the front of the cabin. This one was very simple, very much function over form. However, it’s more spacious on the B777 than the middle restroom.

The bathroom was basic, with a soap dispenser, and the restroom had no fold down tray table, and no special amenities.

The restroom featured an Air Canada motif and a facial mirror.

Middle Restroom

Two restrooms are in the middle of the business-class cabin.

They are far nicer than the one at the front.

Air Canada holds to its theme of having a window in the middle restroom on its aircraft!

On the B777 the middle restrooms are not that spacious.

My only issue with these bathrooms is that they are very simple and poorly stocked.

You get a basic soap dispenser, and that is it! It would also have been nice to see a few other amenities here.

On the plus side, they do have some nice views from the window in this restroom!

Air Canada Signature Class Technology

Without a doubt, Air Canada Signature Class has one of the best In-Flight Entertainment systems and WiFi I have ever seen.

In Flight Entertainment

The large screens have a vast array of options to choose from, and you can control it from the remote in your seat or via the touch screen.

I must admit though, I didn’t use this on my flight!

Having awesome WiFi on the whole route, I was on my laptop the whole time.

The unit is very customizable with several unique functions, including:

  • A do-not-disturb feature.
  • Night mode: This takes away the blue light in the screen, making it much easier to read.

You can also keep tabs on your flight connections. I could easily add my connection, and the IFE showed the time, flight number, and the gate for my connection.


I also received Air Canada-branded noise-cancelling headphones with three plugs.

These came in plastic wrappers.

These were collected before landing. I’ll note that they fit well in seat storage compartment.

Unfortunately, I cannot vouch for their quality or effectiveness since I did not try them on this flight. I have tried them previously on my A330-300 flight from Montreal to Casablanca.


All long-haul flights should have reasonably priced or free Wi-Fi in 2024, and Air Canada delivers on that front. I instinctively logged into the WiFi system and followed the instructions.

The In Flight Entertainment TV screen also displays when Wi-Fi is available and when it is not available.

I thought the WiFi was reasonably priced:

  • Full Flight of WiFi: $30.75 CAD or 3,100 Air Canada points.
  • One Hour or WiFi: $10.75 CAD or 1,100 Air Canada points.
  • In addition to the Wi-Fi, texting is allowed, and Air Canada members can login and text for free.

To be fair, there are some other routes like United Polaris which deliver slightly better value on this front!

The Flight 

This was a fantastic flight! The service was speedy and efficient. The Flight Attendants worked very hard to make it a fantastic experience. I counted eight different rounds where the FAs brought items for service. Far more than on most airlines.

Pre-Departure Service

A purse or came around with a tray of champagne and water drinks for pre-departure beverage service.

We were asked if you wanted water or champagne.

Right after this many as were distributed by the service manager on the flight, Laurie. She introduced herself individually to each passenger while handing out the menu for the flight.

I thought this was extremely professional – Air Canada delivered on this flight yet again.


We closed the door at 12:45pm (early) and the plane was off to the runway at 12:52pm.

Everything happened so fast, it was ultra efficient.

We made our way to the North runway and took off to the Northeast at 13:05.

Soon we were on a smooth ride over the Canadian Shield to Tokyo.

Well, initially smooth, as this flight was plagued by extremely crazy turbulence after the first hour or so!

Post Departure Service

Service began within ten minutes of the flight taking off.

First this began at 13:20 with hot towel service.

These were piping hot, but did not smell the best and needed more fragrance.

Service began with warm nuts served from a tray, by hand.

These were served in a small warm bowl and with a napkin. Contents were mostly almonds and a couple cashews, lightly salted. My favorite part was that the nuts were served warm, and they were also extremely fresh.

Soon after that at 13:30, a cart was brought down the aisle. Drink orders were taken. I ordered the Air Canada special, an Aperol Spritz.

Then at 14:00, the cart was again brought out for the main appetizer course, and a refill on our drinks.

This time I requested a Bubble Stash IPA, Air Canada’s unique beer offering.

It’s pretty great that there’s so much room at your seat for storing all kinds of items!

Air Canada Signature Class Meal Service

I was told prior to meal service, that I could request the meal service to be delayed from the start, as to delay the heating procedures. This is honestly one of my most requested items on long flights where simply not hungry early in the flight. I appreciate the crew’s proactivity on my flight!


I didn’t get a chance to photograph the menu interior mid flight.

Here it is from my desk!


  • Hummus, Loubieh Bi Zeit, Muhammara and Za’atar seasoned feta;
  • Served with fresh seasonal green salad and warm bread.

Main Course:

  • Creamy Dijon Chicken Leg – paired with garlic-chili pasta and asparagus spears
  • Garlic Buttle Shrimp Scampi – Flat shandong noodles and julienne sundried tomatoes.
  • Braised Beef in Tomato Demi-Glace – Pappardelle sauteed with garlic and red chili flakes, green beans and cherry tomato confit.
  • Yuzu Salmon – steamed rice, mixed vegetables, mushroom and spinach.

Appetizer: Mediterranean Mezze

This was described as “Hummus, Loubieh Bi Zeit, Muhammara and Za’atar seasoned feta; served with fresh seasonal green salad and warm bread.”

The appetizer course came as a mezze dish with hummus, bean sprouts in red tomato sauce. There was red chili hummus, and goat cheese.

It was recommended that I eat this dish with the pita bread. I then understood that she meant when it is brought out with the other breads.

I ended up getting two kinds of bread on the flight – the garlic bread, as well as the pita bread.

In another very unique touch, a tray was brought out to select two different kinds of olive oil for your salad in the appetizer course.

What a fantastic touch! I’m a huge olive oil fan.

The appetizer dish was tasty!

Although there are also improvements that can be made.

I thought the tomatoes were weak, and the hummus felt watery.

Wine and Whisky

Around this time I also elected to try some wine. Let’s see how Air Canada does on this front.

The Flight Attendant recommended the Marche Sangiovese for the red wine.

Later in the flight, I also tried and received Jack Daniels whiskey.

Main Course: Yuzu Salmon

Right after I finished the appetizer, the Yuzu Salmon dish I requested was made ready and available.

The dish was served very hot and layered over white rice. It includes a slice of salmon, two slices of yuzu, and carrots and greens.

This dish takes a while to heat up correctly – and the crew timed the dish perfectly to my great delight.


Next, a cart was rolled out for desserts, with more wine and coffee available if you wanted it.

Choices included cake, a cheese plate with crackers, and a fruit plate – on various levels of the cart.

I chose to have the various fruits, which were served in a medium-sized bowl. This had four different pieces of fruit. Including melon, strawberry, blackberries, and pineapple.

I also asked for and received a cappuccino. This was served made to order, directly from the front cabin.


After dinner, it was time to catch up on some sleep, so I requested a turn-down service.

The flight attendant wasn’t sure what it was, which was funny, so I asked her to make the bed for me.

The seat has a thin mattress pad, a thick comforter, and a puffy pillow. It also has more than enough space for sleep mode, with plenty of room to get comfortable in with all your things spread out.

One of my minor issues with the flight, and my one comment to Air Canada is that the bedding quality should be improved substantially.

I didn’t feel like the mattress pad or comforter was thick enough. Also, the seat was showing some age and wasn’t entirely smooth.

Mid Flight Snacks

Throughout the flight, there were plenty of snacks available. Packaged snacks are available in the galley. While many snacks were positioned at the front of the cabin in a tray. Snacks included:

  • Biscoff cookies
  • MadeGood Granola Bar
  • Roasted Almonds
  • Miss Vickie’s original potato chips
  • Popcorn chips
  • Haribo Gummy Bears

Landing “Breakfast” Meal Service

Even though we were chasing the sunset and landing around evening in Tokyo, this is offered as a Breakfast service by Air Canada on this flight. That’s very strange wording in my opinion – it’s effectively also early, early, early morning in Canadian time!

The choices for “Breakfast” were:

  • Parsley Omelette – Pan fried chicken sausage with parmesan cheese and spniach, hash brown potatoes, tomato cumin curry.
  • Beef and Scrambled Egg Stir Fry – served with cloud ear mushrooms, carrots and rice.

Accompanied with:

  • Fresh fruit
  • Muesli, applies, raisins, coconut, pumpkin seeds,
  • Croissant, plus butter and jam.

Having had the parsley omelette so many times (it’s really good!) I opted for the stir fry.

Beef and Scrambled Egg Stir Fry

Beef and Scrambled Egg Stir Fry is served with cloud ear mushrooms, carrots and rice.

The dish was still good, although I see it doesn’t look that appealing in photographs.


Fresh fruit included melon, strawberries, and pineapple.

There was also a croissant, plus butter and jam.

Finally my favorite breakfast dish was the Muesli.

This has Muesli, applies, raisins, coconut, and pumpkin seeds.

Arrival In Tokyo

We began our descent into Tokyo and Japan with not a bit of land in sight.

It’s always a sudden occurence when the Japanese landmass of Honshu appears.

On this flight, we were also in daylight on the full route.

At this point, the plane was chasing the sunset! Here’s the final approach into Haneda. Somehow I missed views of Mount Fuji on the right.

Prior to arrival, my last Bubble Stash IPA was moved into a plastic cup.

Definitely appreciate the gesture by the crew here, although admittedly I had too much fun on this flight!

Flights usually meander into Tokyo Haneda – today was no exception. We came in from the Southeast, and on the left side runway! This is a rarer occurrence.

What was really fun about this flight was having the sun on the opposite side of the plane, thus creating a shadow that made perfect viewing of the touch-down!

I would have loved to see this toothpaste plane landing from the Observation Deck.

We taxied quicky and pulled up next to a Delta A350-900, another route that I’ve previously flown. Also check out that ANA Star Alliance B789!

One of the grandest experiences is the long walkway to the Immigration, Baggage Claim and Customs Arrivals at Tokyo Haneda’s Terminal 3. There are many planes perfectly aligned for your viewing.

I cleared Immigration quickly. Today, the baggage service took a very long time.

Sometimes at peak international arrival flow into Tokyo, you’ll be waiting here for 30-40 minutes after quickly clearing immigration.

Then there’s a final customs check and declaration zone, and finally entry into Japan!

I usually wind up grabbing a bus here to the T-CAT in Ningyocho, near the Hamacho Hotel.

There’s also the opportunity to visit the Villa Fontaine Grande or Premier Hotels, plus the awesome Onsen at Tokyo Haneda!

Final Thoughts

Given that this is now my third amazing long distance flight on Air Canada, suffice to say I love the airline and Air Canada’s Signature Class.

The soft and hard products matched my high expectations. The food and service were outstanding, not to mention the amazingly friendly and professional crew.

There is very little negative I could say about the whole experience. I had another excellent, professional crew. The level of service is the kind I would typically associate with Singapore Airlines and such.

My only negative comments are for the age of this aircraft – while classic, I didn’t enjoy the smell.

Also, after flying in United Polaris on the return from Japan and seeing how it’s really done well – Air Canada seriously needs to invest in better bedding in Signature Class!


  • Another excellent crew! Air Canada continues to deliver friendliness, approachability, and top notch service. This is still one of the best I’ve experienced.
  • Excellent, efficient service: Everything is well thought out to provide the best possible service.
  • The seat is excellent for working and multi-tasking. I could simultaneously eat and fit my computer and second screen on the side. Perfect and very convenient design.
  • Incredible food, absolutely delicious! Both rounds.
  • Slept very comfortably.
  • One of the best IFE and Seat Control systems I’ve witnessed. It’s just super sophisticated and advanced.
  • Lots of storage space.
  • Great windows, lighting, and modern cabin feel despite aircraft age.
  • Clean aircraft.


  • The plane was aging and needs some TLC (Tender Love and Care) – that McDonalds play area smell isn’t pleasant. But, I love the toothpaste paint scheme in any case!
  • I think Air Canada should invest in better bedding. I slept comfortably, but the mattress pad was skinny, and the comforter felt light. Compare this to what I got in United Polaris!

Verdict: 9.0/10

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