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Air Canada Signature Suite Lounge Toronto Pearson YYZ Canada

Osman Dadi
The Air Canada Signature Suite is a special lounge for Signature Class passengers, exclusively serving Air Canada's special fine dining experience. I was enamored with the amazing food and drinks in the lounge; if you're looking for more amenities besides dining, the nearby Maple Leaf lounge is more appropriate for a visit.

Flying on Air Canada’s B777-300ER Signature Class from Toronto to Tokyo, I was presented with an opportunity to visit the Air Canada Signature Suite. Before I even knew about it, all Air Canada staff I engaged with early in my journey strongly encouraged me to check out this lounge before my flight.

The Signature Suite exclusively serves Air Canada’s special fine dining experience. I only spent twenty five minutes in the lounge, but left with my belly completely full and ready for my long flight to Asia.

I was floored by the awesome Air Canada Signature Suite, and regret that I didn’t have more time to enjoy it!

The Maple Leaf Lounge Versus Signature Suite at Toronto YYZ

The Maple Leaf lounge in Toronto Pearson YYZ Terminal 1 (E Gates wing) is much bigger, and has office space, showers, and other amenities you can expect out of a typical airline lounge in the airline’s home terminal.

On the other hand, the Signature Suite is exclusively for Air Canada’s special fine dining experience.

Getting To The Air Canada Signature Suite

The Signature Suite is conveniently located right next to the main gate area for most international flights in Terminal E.

You’ll find the entrance tucked off to the side between some shops. The entrance is shared with the busier Plaza Premium lounge next door, which is accessible with Priority Pass.

Access is a bit annoying – there’s only one elevator and a set of stairs if you want to drag your luggage up them.

I found it difficult to photograph the entry with so many people coming in and out of the Plaza Premium lounge next door!

There was one agent (not photographed) who checked me in with a boarding pass verification.

Conveniently, a departures board is located at the entrance. You can verify your flight details and gate location as you walk out of the lounge.

Air Canada Signature Suite Layout

The lounge begins immediately after the check in area. Tall ceilings give a sense of space.

Right behind the entrance is a cool circular lounge and table area for larger groups, although this is a nice place to work too!

There are power outlets integrated into the furniture as well.

Once you walk inside, it’s like you enter a different world – classy and relaxing. I felt more like I was in a special, exclusive restaurant.

The space opens up to a large open room with a backlit Canadian forest mural, some Architectural lighting details, and a buffet self-service counter area in the middle. I did not photograph the buffet area, too busy obsessed with the fine dining.

I set myself up at the bar to get a close look at the drinks process. The bar is long and dominates the space.

A full row of bench style seats is set up for a truly intimate partnered dining experience. Does this look like a lounge, or a restaurant?

The dining area also has some more standard table seating, with everything pre-set for fine dining. All in all there were about twenty dining tables in this back area.

Departure boards with the latest flight and departures information are spread out in various locations all along the lounge.

This ended up being super useful – I was keeping a very close eye on my flight, which was right at the top of the list!

Off to the side of the lounge is a separate area with lounge style seating.

The decor here is much like what you’ll find in other Air Canada lounges, with oak grain walls and leather lounge furniture in various stylish colors.

I appreciate little details like integrated power and USB ports being located throughout the lounge!


In the far back corner of the lounge is the only other noteworthy feature – the restrooms!

The restrooms are all single person mixed gender restrooms, and they all feel like little suites.

Molton Brown amenities are provided like in other Air Canada Maple Leaf lounges.

The restrooms also included real, folded hand towels for use. The restrooms included full sized mirrors behind the door as well.

Unfortunately the only piece that seems to be missing in this lounge are showers – I was told to find these in the Maple Leaf lounge instead.

Air Canada Signature Suite Service, Dining & Drinks

Where the Air Canada Signature Suite really stood out was in it’s food and meal service.

This is a fine dining experience after all!

Honestly there were too many good looking options on the menu. I still managed to try three dishes.


While looking through the menu, I regretted not budgeting more time at the lounge to try more options.

There were four appetizers and five main courses offered for meal service. A separate menu covers the various drinks available for serving.

Air Canada offers not one, but TWO special signature drinks on the cocktail menu. Of course I had to try both!

Dining & Food

Now let’s look at some of the dishes I tried on my visit. It’s hard to believe all this came forth within a span of just twenty minutes!

Roasted Cauliflower Soup

First up was the roasted cauliflower soup, which came beautifully presented.

This came with cream, scallops, and olive oil.

The olive oil dressing finish was beautifully layered around the three sautéed scallops.

This was served piping hot. Even though I don’t usually eat scallops, I devoured the whole dish!

Smoked Duck Breast

This unique dish was recommended by the bartender for it’s unique taste and presentation – and to be fair, I’d never had duck like this!

The dish came in Panang Curry Sauce, with large slice of duck breast, and with crispy maktake mushrooms that looked to me like duck skin.

The dish was tastefully presented.

I was confused because the duck looked and tasted like pork and bacon. It was chewey and smokey in taste, but this was SO good!

Butternut Squash Falafel

This dish was made with Carrots, squash, Kale, and muhammara sauce.

Of all the dishes I tried this was my least favorite, but even THIS was GOOD!!

It was served piping hot.

My only comment is the falafel was slightly overcooked.


I tried two of the Air Canada lounge signature cocktails at the lounge. Both drinks were unique, tasteful and absolutely delicious!

The excellent service at the lounge even extended to how I wanted my water served. I was asked if I wanted still or sparkling water. Then I was asked if I wanted a lemon peel with it.

Air Canada Signature Espresso Martini

This comes with Ciroc Coconut, Kahlua, Simple Syrup, Espresso and Sea Salt. The bartender also explained that he sprinkles a dash of salt on top to bring out more flavor in the drink.

The drink was so good that I had two of these!

This was made strong and it was so tasty!!! Like syrup coffee and sharp. The taste is so sweet. Unfortunately its not served on the plane!!

Air Canada Signature Cocktail

The signature cocktail at the top of the list is made of Rye, Averna Amaro, Maple Syrup, and Vanilla Bitters.

This also came strong – with a bourbon whiskey taste coming thru.

I loved the little orange peel decor.

Final Thoughts

I was floored by the awesome Air Canada Signature Suite. All Air Canada staff I engaged with early in my journey strongly encouraged me to check out this lounge before my flight, and they were right.

I only regret that I didn’t have more time to enjoy it!

If you’re traveling in Air Canada Signature Class thru Toronto Pearson, this lounge is worth spending an hour or so in before your flight.


  • Delicious food! I loved every single dish I tried.
  • Delicious drinks!! My goodness these were so tasty, and strong too.
  • The staff here was very friendly and service oriented.
  • Food was brought out quickly, right away.
  • The lounge was exceptionally clean


  • No shower in this lounge (you can visit the Maple Leaf lounge nearby)
  • No office working area (you can visit the Maple Leaf lounge nearby)

Verdict: 10/10

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