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Vietnam Airlines A321 Business Class Da Nang to Ho Chi Minh City

Osman Dadi
Vietnam Airlines A321 Business Class offers a service oriented, private, fast, and comfortable experience on domestic Vietnam flights. I love the food offerings, the frequency and quality of service, and especially the lack of traffic in the whole process. What is incredibly cool about this particular flight - I was the only person in Business Class, and had the entire cabin to myself!

This Vietnam Airlines A321 Business Class flight from Da Nang to Ho Chi Minh City is a reverse flight of my previous review. I first took the Vietnam Airlines A321 Business Class from Ho Chi Minh City to Da Nang. I liked the experience so much and found enough value, I bought the same ticket and aircraft on my return flight. This abbreviated review highlights some more aspects of flying Vietnam Airlines in domestic business class.

What is incredibly cool about this particular flight – I was the only person in Business Class, and had the entire cabin to myself! What a fortune.

From the seamless check-in process at Da Nang’s traffic-free airport to the exclusive lounge access and priority boarding – Vietnam Airlines makes the travel process seamless.

Onboard the A321, I enjoyed personalized service including a surprisingly elaborate two-course meal.

Most notably, this was the first time I experienced Vietnam Airlines VIP shuttle service system to and from the aircraft.

This flight was yet another of many I’ve taken showcasing Vietnam Airlines’ commitment to personalized premium service from takeoff to touchdown. Given the relatively inexpensive pricing, I think flying Vietnam Airlines in domestic Business Class on the A321 is worth some extra cost.


The Business Class tickets on Vietnam Airlines domestic flights tend to be 2-3x the cost of economy. Included is one checked bag, and ticket changes are allowed.

Overall, I find these are some of the most affordable Business Class tickets in the world!

The Business Flex fare is great value if you can get one for under $200 USD one way.

The Vietnam Airlines A321 Business Class seat map shows a cozy array of 16 seats in this cabin.

I think rows 2 and 3 are my favorite in the cabin. I chose row 2 on this flight.

The Ground Experience

Once again, I experienced pretty effortless travel with Vietnam Airlines Domestic Business Class. This time my flight was from Da Nang to Ho Chi Minh City in mid-May 2024.

Check In (Airport)

I arrived at Da Nang International Airport 90 minutes before departure by Grab.

I was immediately impressed by the absence of any queues or passenger traffic throughout the terminal.

Vietnam Airlines Check-In was directly in front of me at the airport. The Sky Priority line for Business Class was empty – frankly, every single line was empty, which is awesome!

This allowed me to check my bags and receive my boarding pass in just five minutes, with exceptionally friendly gate agents. After my bags were tagged, I proceeded to the VIP priority security section, which was also queue-free.

Remarkably, the entire journey from check-in to gate took no more than 10-15 minutes. I feel like traveling in Vietnam in Business Class is impressively efficient.

Vietnam Airlines Lotus Lounge Da Nang

I then checked out the lotus lounge at Da Nang airport.

I’ll written a separate review here soon – but it’s a small interior lounge that’s rectangular shaped and doesn’t have too many amenities

The lounge, while compact and rectangular in shape, offers a peaceful retreat from the bustling terminal with comfortable seating and good food options.

Despite a small size, the Lotus Lounge is suitable for a short pre-flight stay, and includes Wi-Fi and charging ports.


After spending 20 minutes here, I made my way to the gate.

No one was in line, or behind the desk, when I arrived 10 minutes before boarding time.

If you’re at gate 9 through 11 you’ll have a mobile boarding through a bus.

Our boarding process began on time at gate 11.

Here’s the Economy Class bus in front of us – standing room only for the most part.

Business Class and Premium passengers were directed to a separate, very luxurious bus in front of the economy class bus.

This premium bus features plush leather seats and ambient blue lighting, a stark contrast to the standing-room-only experience in the Economy class buses.

We had a short ride to our A321 aircraft, parked just a few hundred meters away,

Our ride concluded with a walk up the main stairway, where we received a warm welcome from the cabin crew.

Vietnam Airlines A321 Cabin

  • 16 Business Class seats in a 2+2 arrangement
  • 162 or 168 Economy Class seats in a 3+3 arrangement

Vietnam Airlines A321 Business Class

The A321 business class features a comfortable, recliner style layout.

The Vietnam Airlines A321 Business Class seats offer a generous legroom and recline.

Here’s a seat in full recline and sleeping position. You can see the upper half leans pretty far back, and the lower half includes a leg rest as well as an extendable footrest.

For more seat details, read my other Vietnam Airlines A321 Business Class review.

As I settle into my seat, I realize I’m the sole passenger in the Business Class cabin of this Vietnam Airlines A321 flight from Da Nang to Ho Chi Minh City.

Pre-Departure Service

The pre-departure service begins promptly with the offering of refreshing cold towels, a welcome respite from the humid Vietnamese climate.

Immediately following, a flight attendant approaches with a tray presenting an array of welcome drinks.

The selection is impressive: a zesty minty lemon water that promises to be refreshing, and an intriguing orange and passionfruit juice blend that catches my eye. For those preferring a simpler option, water is also available.

I chose both the minty water and the juice, as I observe the efficient pre-flight preparations around me.

The cabin door closes right on schedule, and we begin to back away from the boarding station just a few minutes past our designated departure time.

As we take to the skies at 10:30, the aircraft gracefully swings around the picturesque city of Da Nang before setting a course southward to HCMC.

In Flight Service

It was hard to believe – I was the sole passenger in the cabin on the flight tonight.

In my case, for a short flight it just meant extremely dedicated service! I’m so glad it had to be on Vietnam Airlines, which is known for exceptional service.

As I settle into my seat, the flight attendant approaches with a smile, informing me that I’ll be served two different meal courses during this short flight – an impressive offering on the one-hour flight.

The first course soon arrives, a hot dish featuring fragrant sticky rice paired with succulent cinnamon-infused pork, its aroma wafting through the cabin.

The presentation continues with mini smoked salmon morsels nestled alongside petite, crusty baguettes – bite-sized delicacies.

Accompanying this is a cold dish of plump prawns bathed in a rich butter sauce, creating a delightful contrast of texture.

A plate of smoked duck with sweet mango follows, alongside a cheese and ham mini sandwich that offers a perfect balance of flavors.

However, it’s the shrimp prawn cocktail that steals the show, its spicy, tangy red sauce dancing on my palate – a surprising standout among the gourmet offerings.

I also enjoy a hot coffee in flight.

Throughout the meal service, I’m struck by the impeccable attention from the crew. Each flight attendant exudes warmth and friendliness, elevating my experience with their caring demeanor.

This level of service is clearly a hallmark of Vietnam Airlines, with every interaction reinforcing their commitment to passenger satisfaction.

Landing & Arrival in Da Nang

The descent into Ho Chi Minh City begins just as I finish my meal. We touch down at 11:35 PM, right on schedule.

Upon landing, we taxi to a remote station for disembarkation. A flight attendant discreetly closes the curtain to the Business Class cabin for an extra touch of privacy.

As the sole passenger in the premium cabin, I’m granted the privilege of disembarking first and exclusively taking the Business Class shuttle bus to the terminal.

This VIP treatment feels truly spectacular. I find myself with an entire bus at my disposal, a luxury that significantly expedites my arrival process at Ho Chi Minh City’s domestic terminal.

The short ride to the terminal is a comfortable one, with the bus being notably more spacious than the one I experienced in Da Nang.

Upon entering the terminal, I make my way to baggage claim area two. Although my luggage is expected at 12:05 AM, it arrives ahead of schedule at 11:55 PM. The priority baggage service proves efficient, with my suitcase appearing on the belt within a minute of my arrival.

With my belongings in hand, I head towards the exit of the domestic terminal. I note that it’s conveniently located just a five-minute walk from the international terminal, where my next adventure awaits – an EVA Air A330 flight to Taipei.

Final Thoughts

On Vietnam Airlines, I regularly find myself deeply appreciative of the crew’s efforts. Their exceptional service always transforms this short domestic hop into a memorable journey. I love the food offerings, the frequency and quality of service, and especially the lack of traffic in the whole process.

The Business Class VIP treatment is quite nice for its inexpensive price.

I’ve now sampled enough Vietnam Airlines flights, including on the Vietnam Airlines B789 from Tokyo to Hanoi, and the Vietnam Airlines B789 from Hanoi to Frankfurt, to understand the carrier strengths and weaknesses. My main gripe is still the lack of WiFi in 2024.

Be sure to read my detailed review on the inbound Vietnam Airlines A321 Business Class flight from Ho Chi Minh City to Da Nang.

Verdict: 9.5/10

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