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Status Match Experience: Alaska MVP Gold 75K to LATAM Black

Osman Dadi
LATAM is currently offering a very generous Status Match promotion from dozens of airlines valid thru March 2025. I matched from Alaska Airlines MVP Gold 75K into LATAM Black. I'm set to explore the benefits in 2024.

LATAM is currently offering a very generous Status Match promotion from dozens of airlines into LATAM Pass. I used my Alaska Airlines MVP Gold 75K status for 2024, to match into LATAM Black, one of the top tier status in the program. The status match offers validity through March 31, 2025, which is extremely generous!

You can match from dozens of different airlines programs, viewable on the FAQ page. What is notably missing from the list is Delta Airlines. So you’ll need to match from a different program to get this.

Here’s the direct link for the status match.

Why I Wanted To Take Advantage of This

I’ll be flying to South America frequently in the next couple of years, from various parts of the world. My LATAM Black status that I matched into, has a range of incredible perks for LATAM.

LATAM Black Perks

  • Priority Check-In, Security and Boarding
  • Signature Lounge access
  • Free premium seat assignments
  • Unlimited complimentary upgrades within South America, 
  • Upgrades on eight segments outside of South America within 48 hours
  • Status mileage earning bonus (100% for international, 167% for domestic)
  • Same day international flight changes & priority standby
  • Preferential support
  • Complimentary associated benefits on Delta Airlines.

LATAM is also a partner with Alaska Airlines, and the flights between North America and South America are still some of the best remaining redemptions you can find in the system.

The status match grants unlimited upgrades on flights within South America, and up to 8 segment upgrades on flights beyond! LATAM is one of my choice carriers on this route – and, I’ll be visiting there again often to head to Asuncion, Paraguay again and other places nearby.

With round trips from New York averaging ~$945 to $1400 even last minute, this is really a steal if you can upgrade into Business Class!

I really enjoyed flying LATAM’s Premium Economy on intra-South America flights, and loved the LATAM Airlines VIP Signature Lounge in Santiago during my visit last year.

It’s also important to note that LATAM Black concurrently offers quite a few benefits on Delta Airlines. I find the SkyPriority suite of benefits incredibly useful on SkyTeam carriers.

I haven’t tested out the utility of this yet – but I’m pretty sure I’ll witness it sometime in 2024.

Applying for the Status Match

This was another super easy status match process, completed in a total of six steps.

I was asked to select an airline I’d match from, and then both the existing status tier level, and my membership number. What was confusing here was that I didn’t see Delta Airlines listed anywhere in the menu, which means it could not be matched from.

In the next step, I was asked to custom upload documentation based on the existing status I selected. For Alaska Airlines MVP Gold 75K, I just needed to upload an image with my MVP 75K status and membership numbers visible.

On the next page, I was shown I would be matched to LATAM Black from Alaska Airlines MVP 75K.

Finally, I was asked to complete a payment of $80.00 USD, a drop from the originally listed price of $199.00. For the provided benefits, I think this is an awesome deal!

After completing the payment, the status match is complete.

First Thoughts Trying LATAM Black Benefits

I have not yet tried my LATAM Black benefits – I am very excited to put them to use this year. Once I try flying the carrier, I’ll be sure to post my experience here and update this article.

I hope to fly LATAM’s B767-300 in Business Class in 2024.

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