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New Delta Amenity Kit and Lounge Partnership with Missoni

Sam Helmy
Delta announced that it is teaming up with luxury Italian fashion brand Missoni for an enhanced lounge and amenity kit experience for Delta One travelers.

In a recent press release, Delta announced that it is teaming up with luxury Italian fashion brand Missoni for an enhanced lounge and amenity kit experience. The new partnership aims to take Delta’s premium amenity kits to the next level, as well as the Delta lounge experience.

According to Mauricio Parise, Vice President Brand Experience Design.

“We’ve been intentional about creating a Delta One experience—both on the ground and in the air—that feels truly premium and elevated, and Missoni’s elegance and prestige aligns perfectly with that vision…The Missoni-designed amenity kits, along with unique design elements that will be featured in our Delta One Lounge at JFK, will offer a distinct, high-end enhancement to our most premium spaces.”  

While for Missoni Alberto Caliri, Creative Director, Missoni added:

“The Missoni amenity kits have been meticulously designed, embodying a timeless declaration of elegance and a profound connection with the surrounding world…Additionally, customizing the Delta One Lounge at JFK signifies an important new frontier for our lifestyle approach. We are delighted to partner with Delta on the Delta One experience.”

Delta One cabin
Delta One is one of our favorite premium cabins even if the Amenity kits need some work

What we Know So Far

The new partnership means that Missoni will provide a new amenity Kit for Delta One travelers. Some of the Missoni collection will also be available at the new Delta One Lounge in New York JFK.

New Delta One Amenity Kit

While not all the details about the new Delta One Amenity by Missoni have emerged, we do know several things.

The new bag will feature Missoni’s signature zigzag pattern on the outside. The new pattern, created in collaboration between the design teams at Missoni and Delta. Features an exclusive pattern and color palette.

The new Delta amenity kit by Missoni
The new zigzag pattern is exclusive to Delta

Each bag will include the following items:

  • Grown Alchemist skin care products.
  • Bamboo toothbrush and toothpaste – this will feature Marvis toothpaste from mid-October 2024.
  • Eye Mask and ear plugs.
  • A pair of socks and a pen.

If you are wondering when you will be able to get your hands on one of these new amenity kits. The answer is soon, very soon! The new Delta One Amenity Kits will launch in a two-step process. From mid-July 2024, the kits will be available on all Delta flights from Paris and Italy. Then, from September onwards, the amenity kits will be rolled out across the whole of the Delta One route network.

Sadly, while Delta is upgrading its Delta One offering, it is not doing the same for its other cabin classes. That said, those traveling in Delta Premium Select will continue to receive kits by Someone Somewhere.

Missoni In The JFK Delta One Lounge

Alongside the amenity kit, it seems Delta is determined to upgrade the quality of its lounges across the board. Last year, Oscape reviewed the Delta Sky Club in San Francisco. The lounge was a breath of fresh air, and there was a clear jump in quality compared to other Delta lounges we have reviewed.  The same can be said for the Delta Sky Club in Minneapolis-St. Paul MSP. Again, this new lounge was excellent and arguably one of the best Sky Clubs in the US.

The new Delta Missoni amenity kit with all its contents.
The new Delta amenity kits will include a range of products including Marvis toothpaste

The Delta One Lounge in New York is set to have opened by the time you read this article. Considering the offerings we have seen from Delta recently, we are excited to see this new lounge. At this point, Delta is vague about what Missoni items or products will feature. In fact, the only statement released so far indicates that a selection of items from Missoni’s home collection will feature in the lounge. What exactly these are, we do not know at this time.

Final Thoughts

No doubt this is excellent news, and if you are a Delta fan, the announcement should be music to your ears. The Delta One Amenity kits have been underwhelming over the last few years. Other US-based competitors have overtaken Delta recently. For instance, recently, the Therabody Polaris Amenity kite from United was simply outstanding and much better than anything Delta had on offer.

In all honesty, this partnership is well overdue and sits nicely with the improvement Delta has been making across the board. Last year, Oscape flew to Japan from the US twice in Delta One, once on an inaugural A330-Neo flight from Minneapolis St. Paul and once from Atlanta aboard the Airbus A350. In both instances, the hard product and service were stunning, but! The amenity kit Oscape received was disappointing and can only be described as “basic.” So, it is great to see Delta taking steps to fix this and starting to offer an amenity kit that is more in line with the premium product they are providing.

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