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United Polaris Therabody Amenity Kit 2024

Osman Dadi
United provides one of the most comprehensive and unique amenity kit offerings in United Polaris Business/First Class on this route.

I just had an amazing experience flying United Polaris for the first time from Tokyo Haneda to Washington Dulles. United provides a most comprehensive and unique amenity kit offering in United Polaris Business/First Class on this route. I’ll be posting the full review of the flight soon.

I think the amenity kit contents are definitely one of the most impressive I’ve seen by any airline to date.

The amenity kit case is unique and one I’ll definitely use again. I think the contents are truly well thought out.

United Polaris Therabody Amenity Kit Case

I found the amenity kit in a bay along the side of the seat.

The Amenity Kit is branded for Therabody, and is a soft shell fabric case with a nylon strap and two pouches.

It is a fully black color. The dimensions are (L x W x D):

  • cm: 23 x 10 x 5
  • in: 9 x 4 x 2

The back side of the case is plain with no opening or details. It’s also worth noting that the strap includes a buckle to disconnect and reconnect the strap.

There are small logo-branded straps at the zippers, which were also sealed.

The amenity kit features two different storage pouches – there’s one shallow pouch that opens in front of the kit, and then the larger pouch opens along the top.

Upon opening the larger pouch on top, it appears the contents are very neatly organized.

The amenity kit pouch is tagged for both United as well as Therabody.

The pouch opens quite wide on top, and is also filled with useful contents.

Once emptied, you’ll see the pouch is reasonably spacious for the slim size. My thought is that this is really useful as a camera accessories bag, and I’ll probably end up using it for photography gear!

I am not sure what this strap is for, on the side.

United Polaris Therabody Amenity Kit Core Contents

The core amenity kit contents are comprehensive and what you’d typically find on an airline premium offering. United and Therabody provide a well-thought-out product here, in my opinion.

Amenity Kit Core Contents

  • Long socks (gray) with non-slip pads
  • Eye mask (gray) Therabody branded
  • Dental Kit with toothbrush and toothpaste
  • Soft tissues kit
  • Earplugs
  • Small United-branded pen

Altogether all of the contents seem high quality and useful in various forms. I thought having a small pen is useful, as I always like to write during flights.

United Polaris Therabody TheraFace Kit

After reviewing the core contents, I noticed the amenity kit also includes a special TheraFace kit. This is where I was really impressed with the amenity kit.

This has a QR code for scanning at the front, for a proper shopping and information portal about the brand.

On my flight, I opened this kit to find even more impressively useful contents in the amenity kit! This mini face kit is awesome, and includes super useful amenities to take home and use daily.

TheraFace Amenity Pack Contents

  • TheraFace Revitalize Eye Serum
  • TheraFace Renew Lip Balm Light Citrus
  • TheraFace Refresh Cleaning Towelette
  • TheraFace Refresh Hydrating Mist
  • TheraFace Recover Hand Cream

Simply put, these are an awesome high quality amenity kit offering with just about everything you need for skin and facial care on such a long flight.

I’ll certainly be trying out these items over my next trips!

Honorable Mention: Slippers, Pajamas & Bedding

I thought about it, and in addition to the awesome amenity kit, United Polaris provides a very comprehensive package of products for a comfortable flight. I mean, this is honestly even beyond JAL or ANA on this route.

There are extremely comfortable slippers offered on the flight.

You also get comfortable pajamas on request.

Finally, there’s the excellent bedding by Saks Fifth Avenue – with two comforters and even two pillows included (one is memory foam)!

United Polaris offers just about everything you can ask for a comfortable and rested flight to or from Asia. I hope this isn’t a fluke too, because now I really want to fly the airline on the trans-Pacific route again to find out!

I will be covering this in detail in my review. I truly wonder how many people know about or take advantage of this.

Final Thoughts

United and Therabody provide one of the most comprehensive and unique amenity kit offerings in United Polaris Business/First Class on this route.

I think the amenity kit contents are definitely one of the most impressive I’ve seen on any airline to date!

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