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Buy Lufthansa Miles & More Miles With a 30% Discount

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You can now purchase Miles & More mileage point bundles with a 30% discount. Lufthansa Miles & More's latest promotion runs through June 30, 2024.

Lufthansa has relaunched its Mileage purchase promotion. Through June 30, 2024, you can purchase Lufthansa Miles & More miles with a 30% discount.

You’ll have to login to your Lufthansa Miles & More account, and you’ll see the promotion.

With the promotion, you can buy miles in a bundle, with four pre-set bundles to choose from, ranging from extra small to large. Taking advantage of the promotion can prove very lucrative and yield substantial savings, especially if you can leverage your miles for one of Lufthansa’s stunning first-class awards.

Miles & More Promotion Overview

  • The Promotion is valid for purchases through June 30, 2024, 11:59 pm CET/5:59 pm EST.
  • Receive a 30% bundle when purchasing a Miles & More points bundle.
  • You can choose from four bundle sizes to purchase: XS, S, M, and L.
  • You can purchase a maximum of 250,000 miles per calendar year.
  • Bonus miles do not count towards your annual mileage purchase limit.
  • Allow up to five business days for the miles to hit your account.

Available Bundles

Lufthansa sells four bundles ranging in size from extra small to large.

  • Extra Small Bundle: 3,000 Miles for €63/$67.7 – which works out at ₵2.26 per mile.
  • Small Bundle: 10,000 Miles for €175/$188 – which works out at ₵1.88 per mile.
  • Medium Bundle: 3,000 Miles for €700/$752 – which works out at ₵1.50 per mile.
  • Large Bundle: 3,000 Miles for €1,225/$1,316 – which works out at ₵1.32 per mile.

Lufthansa Miles & More Miles Are Hard To Come By

One thing to remember is that Lufthansa Miles are tough to come by. The airline is not a transfer partner with any of the major flexible points currency. So you can’t transfer any points to Lufthansa to boost your balance in a pinch. This includes Marriott, which has over 40 transfer partners.

Aside from flying with Lufthansa or Star Alliance, the easiest way to earn Miles & More miles is through everyday spending on the Miles & More® World Elite Mastercard®. The card carries an $89 annual fee and earns 2 Miles per dollar spent on Lufthansa purchases and 1 mile on everything else. This travel rewards co-brand credit card is a relatively new addition to the US market and is a lifesaver to Lufthansa fans since they can now earn miles through everyday spending.

Maximizing Lufthansa Miles

When it comes to maximizing the returns from this promotion, by far, some of the best value to have is to use your miles to book first-class Lufthansa awards. These can be booked up to 360 days in advance.

More importantly, if you book flights originating in Frankfurt, you can sample the stunning first-class terminal and its amazing service. These include, amongst other things, a chauffeur-driven ride to the aircraft, amazing-quality food, and a phenomenal drinks selection.

Lufthansa First Class Awards

One way Lufthansa’s first class awards may seem expensive at first glance, but in reality, compared to the cash price, the deal is a bargain. Take, for instance, a large bundle with 100,000 miles that will set you back $1,316.

However, a one-way first-class award between Frankfurt and various US cities, including New York, Los Angeles, Chicago, and more. These will typically set you back around 91,000 miles plus taxes and fees. So, in essence, you would be spending around $1,316 for a first-class award and have some miles left over.

The question now is whether this is a good deal or not. And the simple answer is yes, astonishingly so. Take, for instance, the following flight from Frankfurt FRA to Newark EWR. A first-class booking will set you back over $10,000

The situation is similar if you are looking for flights from Frankfurt to Chicago O’Hare ORD. A one-way first-class award will also set you back over $10,000.

Things look even more impressive if you look at the West Coast. A one-way first-class flight from Los Angeles LAX to Frankfurt FRA will set you back an eye-watering amount of money, coming in at over $15,000.

Clearly, exchanging $1,316 worth of miles for flights that will typically cost more than $10,000 is an absolute steal and a fantastic use of your cash.

Bear in mind that the situation is replicated if you want to book Lufthansa business class tickets. While these tend not to be as good a deal as first-class awards, they are still worth a closer look.

Especially if you can arrange to sample Lufthansa’s new business-class cabins and products.

Final Thoughts

Considering how difficult it is to come by Lufthansa miles, this promotion can be a big help in many different ways.

First, considering some of the Award pricing Lufthansa has for flights on its own metal, redeeming nearly 100,000 for a first-class flight can prove phenomenal value since that same ticket would set you back multiple times the purchase price of the miles.

On another front, buying one of the smaller bundles can be a great way to boost your mileage balance and reach your travel rewards goals if you are a few miles short of an award. That said, considering the upfront investment, you should crunch the numbers first before purchasing any miles. Also, it is never recommended to buy miles speculatively; in almost every situation, you are better off holding cash.

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