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Lufthansa’s New Business Class Amenity Kits 2024

Osman Dadi
I noticed Lufthansa's New Business Class Amenity Kit on a recent flight - and it's disappointing, to say the least.

<Osman’s Note on May 23, 2024: Lufthansa has again updated their Amenity Kits in Spring 2024, which I’ve written about in a new post.>

Earlier this month I flew Lufthansa Business Class on a A340-600 from Munich Germany to New York JFK – and I noticed that Lufthansa has released new Porsche Design amenity kits.

These amenity kits are an entirely different design than previously offered on the airline for the last several years.

Since I recently flew and also reviewed Lufthansa Business Class on an October 2023 flight in a B747-800i, from Frankfurt Germany to Newark EWR, I’m now in an excellent position to compare the old and new 2024 amenity kits!

Lufthansa’s Old Business Class Amenity Kit

Lufthansa’s Amenity Kit up until the end of 2023, was an “Around the World” blue and white “laundry bag” in seven different forms.

Seven different cities were featured: Dubai, Munich, San Francisco, Tokyo, Beijing, Rome, and NYC. Each graphic features a major icon in that city – for example, the Brooklyn Bridge in New York, the Golden Gate Bridge in San Francisco, or the Burj Al Arab in Dubai.

To be frank I’ve used these bags quite often, and they were one of my favorite amenity kits. They are excellent as laundry bags, and also as hand bags while traveling (for example, for beach towels). I collected a number of these kits last year – I loved the iconic landmarks in the classy blue and white.

Inside you could find a minimal set of Porsche Design amenities.

The amenities included a hand and body cream, a face cream, a toothbrush & toothpaste, socks, and a peppermint. Also included were covers for headphones on the flight.

Lufthansa’s New 2024 Business Class Amenity Kit

Lufthansa amenity kits are typically found in one of the forward storage compartments at the seat.

On my most recent flight, I saw a completely different amenity kit. I was surprised to find a totally different design. These are now a vinyl tote-bag design with mesh on one side and vinyl on the other. However, the tote bag design does not allow you to carry the amenity kit outside of your hand.

One major issue that no one seems to have thought about – the added secure plastic pins penetrate thru the vinyl layer.

This means that every single amenity kit comes with two tiny holes in the vinyl on the back side of the bag.

It seems like it would have been smarter to do this in a different way on the non-vinyl mesh side instead.

Inside, I also noticed that far fewer contents are provided with the new amenity kit.

Lufthansa Business Class Amenity Kit Contents

  • Toothbrush and toothpase
  • Long socks
  • Hand and Face cream is included in a new paper pouch
  • A mint
  • Headphone covers

My Impressions

Honestly, these Amenity kits are a bit disappointing, to say the least.

Lufthansa has largely stripped the amenity kit contents to the bare minimum, and it’s lower than I’ve seen on any other airline in Business Class. One of the most important parts, an eye mask for sleeping, isn’t included.

The amenity kit bag comes with two pre-made holes, and the bag itself isn’t very functional.

The prior Porsche Design hand and face amenities are still included.

And, it looks like my suggestion to hand out the headphone pads wasn’t taken up. That’s a personal matter, anyway!

I’ll still end up using the bag for some storage and the toothbrush/toothpaste as spares.

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