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New Lufthansa Business Class and Catering Revamp on The Way

Sam Helmy
Lufthansa announced that it will be revamping its business class catering and launching a new business class product.

Lufthansa announced that it would revamp its business-class hard product and catering this summer. While the catering side of things sees a revamp with several new offerings, things are much more dramatic on the seat front.

In terms of the seat, Lufthansa is launching an entirely new business-class product called Allegris. The new product features suite-style seating, 4K IFE monitors, and much more. The Allegris is expected to take flight on May 1, 2024, to Vancouver.

New Lufthansa Business Class: Allegris

The new Lufthansa business-class product is called Allegris and will make its initial debut on May 1, 2024. Initially, the new business class product will premier on Airbus A350 aircraft. With all the various combinations Lufthansa has announced, there will be almost 7 different options open to you when selecting your new Lufthansa business class seat.

New Business Class Seat

The new Allegirs business class will feature two distinct seats: the business class suite, which will be on the first row (more about that later), and the business class suite. The new seats are feature-rich and offer a wide range of amenities, including:

  • Direct access to the aisle without passing any other passenger.
  • Individual climate controls and each seat can be independently heated or cooled.
  • 10-inch tablet for controlling all seat functions from lighting and entertainment to climate and more.
  • Spacious areas for working or dining, with each seat having plenty of shelving and table space and lockable storage compartments.
  • Adjustable headrest and lumbar support for optimum comfort for every passenger.
  • Excellent privacy with the seat shell design 114 cm/3.74ft high.
  • Wireless charging ports and power sockets to stay fully charged during the flight.
  • Connect your own devices to the entertainment system via Bluetooth.
  • Stunning IFE: Enjoy the In-Flight Entertainment system with a 4K 18-inch monitor and noise-canceling headphones.

Business Class Suite

The first row of the business class will feature its own product that, by all accounts, looks like it can give many first-class offerings a run for their money. The new suite offers incredible privacy and exclusivity, which is more typical of what you would find in a business class. Features of the new Allegris Business Class Suite include:

  • Spacious Living Area: The new suite has lots of space for storage and comfort. It also includes a small minibar and a wardrobe to hang your jacket or coat.
  • Panoramic Views: The single-seat suites next to the windows provide a stunning view of the outside of the aircraft, which is great when taking off or landing.
  • Double-Up Suite: When two companions are traveling together, the center suite can be converted to a single-double suite thanks to a flexible and customizable suite divider.
  • Premium Entertainment: Relax with a stunning 27-inch 4K In-Flight Entertainment screen that takes your experience to the next level.
The New Lufthansa Allegris Business Class center seats
The New Lufthansa Allegris Business Class center seats image courtesy of Lufthansa

Which Aircraft Will Feature Allegris

Lufthansa announced that Allegris will be installed on its A350 aircraft as and when they are delivered.

From May 1, 2024, flights from Munich to Vancouver will be the first destination to receive the new Allegris-equipped aircraft. The second route will be flights from Munich to Toronto, which will be served on an alternating basis with the route to Vancouver.

The A350 will feature the new Lufthansa Allegris business class
The A350 will feature the new Lufthansa Allegris business class – image courtesy of Lufthansa

In the summer of 2024, Lufthansa expects to see Allegris equipped aircraft operating on routes to Chicago and Montreal as these aircraft are delivered.

New Business Class Catering

As part of its business class overhaul, Lufthansa has announced that it will revamp its catering on both short-haul and long-haul business class flights. The revamp includes several new menu items, from a new signature drink to new exclusive bread items and a farewell gift.

Lufthansa plans on revamping its business class catering in 2024
Lufthansa plans on revamping its business class catering in 2024 image courtesy of Lufthansa

New Exclusive Bread Offering

Longhaul business class passengers can now sample a special bread developed exclusively for Lufthansa. The new bread was created by Axel Schmidt, the World Baker of the Year 2022. The handmade bread will only be available on Lufthansa flights originating from Germany.

New bread exclusive for Lufthansa
New bread exclusive for Lufthansa image courtesy of Lufthansa

The new bread is made by hand from all-natural ingredients and is additive-free. Lufthansa will introduce a new exclusive bread every quarter.

New Signature Drink Avionic

Long-haul business class routes will now see a new signature drink: Avionic. The new drink is an alternative to water and sparkling wine. Avionic will be served as a pre-departure beverage with nuts.

Lufthansa welcome drink and nuts
Lufthansa welcome drink and nuts image courtesy of Lufthansa

The Ziegler distillery created a special aperitif. It is based on peach notes coupled with wild meadow herbs and served on ice or tonic.

The new Avionic welcome drink features peach tones and wild herb
The new Avionic welcome drink features peach tones and wild herb image courtesy of Lufthansa

Vegetarian Amuse-Bouche

In a first for the airline, Lufthansa business class passengers can now savor a vegetarian amuse-bouche. The new offering ranges from sushi to antipasti and is as a prelude to the first service onboard the aircraft. In addition, Lufthansa will be adding fresh fruit to its dessert menu in business-class cabins.

Avionic welcome drink with nuts
Avionic welcome drink with nuts image courtesy of Lufthansa

New Modular Snacks

Lufthansa will also be introducing a new modular snack. This will vary greatly depending on your flight’s route and time of day. On shorter flights, you can expect items like fresh fruits. While on longer flights, you can expect to receive items like tomato and mozzarella skewers, pastrami, and wraps.

New Farewell Gift

From June 2024, Lufthansa will provide business class passengers with a small farewell gift: a small box of Lindt chocolates in an exclusive Lufthansa design.

Final Thoughts

Even though Lufthansa had an excellent first and business class product, it is excellent news to see the airline taking it to another level and revamping. In the constant arms race to stay ahead of the competition and be an industry leader. It is excellent to see an airline being proactive and taking steps to get ahead and stay ahead of the competition. Hopefully, many more airlines follow Lufthansa’s lead and upgrade their offerings.

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