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EVA Air Giorgio Armani Amenity Kit

Osman Dadi
Since October 2023, EVA Air offers a beautiful and useful Giorgio Armani amenity kit on their long distance flights. It contains so many amazing contents - including a vinyl pouch, a key chain, a coin wallet, a brush with mirror - on top of the amazing design details of the pouches.

On their long distance flights, EVA Air offers a beautiful Giorgio Armani amenity kit.

This exclusive collaboration was officially announced in October 2023 last year. There are two versions of the amenity kit offered.

On flights outbound from Taiwan, you’ll get the light/white version of the amenity kit. On return flights inbound into Taiwan, you’ll get the black “Japanese Tatami mat” edition of the amenity kit. As the EVA news announcement explains:

Royal Laurel Class passengers on long-haul flights departing from Taipei will receive a champagne-colored hard case adorned with pebble pattern that comes with a practical cardholder; returning passengers will receive a black soft-bag overnight kit bearing a Japanese tatami mat pattern, which comes with a branded keychain and coin purse. The amenity kits contain all-natural, non-animal tested and additive-free products by American brand Malin+Goetz.

After reading about the EVA Air Giorgio Armani amenity kit, I was very interested in collecting it as well as its contents. I luckily found an award booking from Chicago to Tokyo via Taipei two days before travel.

Collecting this specific amenity kit is actually one of the reasons that I chose to fly EVA Air on my latest summer journey from the USA to Japan, over LOT Polish airlines thru Warsaw.

My Flight on EVA Air from Chicago to Taipei

My EVA Air B777-300ER flight from Chicago O’Hare to Taipei in early July was simply awesome.

Despite an older aircraft and hard product, service and quality of delivery excelled nearly all across the board.

Unlike on some other carriers, I did not find the amenity kit at my seat upon boarding.

However, prior to departure, we were hand delivered EVA Air’s Jason Wu pajamas sets.

After we took off from Chicago, the FA came by to hand every passenger their amenity kit. I was sleeping at the time – so I simply woke up to find it delivered at my seat.

EVA Air Giorgio Armani Amenity Kit (Black Edition)

The EVA Air amenity kit comes delivered in a vinyl cover.

This cover has a large format gold Giorgio Armani logo embossed into the vinyl.

There’s also a black on white EVA Air tag on the side of this vinyl bag.

As I’ve already mentioned, I love the versatility of all the different components of this amenity kit package. For example, I’ll definitely be using this vinyl pouch as a small laundry bag on my travels.

The pouch includes a string to close it shut.

Inside the vinyl bag, you’ll find the amenity kit case.

The case is a black leather with a variety of different textures.

The case is approximately seven or 8 inches long, and is split halfway between a very thick leather, and a very thin leather in a Japanese tatami pattern. The zipper area along the top is also lined with the thicker leather lining.

Most of the amenity kit case has a Japanese tatami mat finish on the exterior, in a black color.

There is a Giorgio Armani circular logo on the front that comes with a plastic cover. This is a silvery metal emblem.

On the side of the case, you’ll also see the silvery metal Giorgio Armani emblem on the zipper itself.

The zipper on this case is made to open two-thirds halfway along the sides. Along that also, there is a metal holder on the end of the zipper side, that allows you to actually attach a metal hook to this amenity case allows you to carry in a different way.

As you might guess, I really like this design. I generally stay away from any amenity kit pouches which only have the zipper along the top and not coming along the sides.

Zippers along the edges of the cases allow the kit interiors to open wide, and extremely easy to access for all kinds of things.

On top of that, there’s also a mini-pocket inside the case for smaller items. Here, it’s holding the foldable brush.

Amenity Kit Contents

  • Malin+Goetz replenishing facial mist.
  • Malin+Goetz lip moisturizer 
  • Malin+Goetz Hand & Body Lotion
  • Giorgio Armani cover pouch (“laundry bag”)
  • Giorgio Armani coin holder and accessories bag.
  • Giorgio Armani keychain with black ring.
  • Giorgio Armani wide-style eye mask
  • EVA Air foldable brush with mirror inside.
  • EVA Air dental kit with toothbrush and toothpaste.
  • EVA Air earplugs
  • EVA Air Malin+Goetz paper guide
  • EVA Air Giorgio Armani paper guide

Honestly, there are so many good quality items in this amenity kit.

However, my favorite items in this amenity kit were threefold.

One is the comb provided by EVA Air.

Frankly, it’s an awesome beautiful comb that also includes a mirror inside it. This is above and beyond what I’ve seen other carriers offer.

The keychain is extremely unique. I mean, where else can you get a freaking Giorgio Armani keychain as part of flying an airline?

But on top of it, you also get the small, matching coin purse.

Finally, the eye mask is also incredible. This is a wide style eye-mask with a black-silver checkerboard pattern and with a shiny texture.

I’ve never seen an eye mask with such a wide format. However, it’s also extremely comfortable as it fully wraps around the back of your head – not to mention cool looking.

EVA also includes a couple of paper guides to the brands and products.

This is similar to what I’ve seen on Japan Airlines, as well as other carriers.

More Post-Flight Design Features

After the flight, I noticed even more notable design features for the amenity kit pouch.

The ends of the pouch fold in at the zipper seam, creating two loops.

This creates a more cushioned pouch, that’s simultaneously easier to pull items in and out of.

As a designer, I love these little bits of attention to detail. It’s clearly a luxurious, detail focused design.

However, I also noticed that my amenity kit case was already showing wear and tear. The faux-leather cuts and rips easily. The quality of the leather used can definitely be improved.

Final Thoughts

The EVA Air Giorgio Armani amenity kit is super unique. It contains so many amazing contents, on top of the amazing design details of the pouches.

I will be using the vinyl pouch, the key chain, the coin wallet, the brush with mirror, and also the amenity kit case itself – on travels and in daily life.

In this way, the EVA Air Giorgio Armani amenity kit is both classy and useful.

My only negative comment – the quality of the artificial leather used is not great, and thus I’m uncertain for the pouch longevity.

I did make a request to get a second amenity kit in flight, but found out from the Flight Attendant that EVA loads the flight with exactly the amount of amenity kits for each passenger in Royal Laurel Class. Thus, there’s no way to get more than one per flight, unless you find someone giving up their pouch.

I love seeing airlines partner with high fashion design brands, to create an elevated travel experience. Delta has recently done the same with Missoni, and I look forward to a day I can fly that airline again to collect their amenity kit.

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