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Air France To Introduce New La Premiere Airport Experience and New First Class

Sam Helmy
Air France has announced a major improvement to the ground experience at Paris Charles De Gaulle for La Premier passengers, including a check-in lounge and more.

Air France unveiled its new planned La Premiere experience at Paris Charles De Gaulle CDG. The new facility aims to offer La Premiere passengers the ultimate exclusivity and comfort. Designed by architect Didier Lefort, the new La Premiere lobby will launch in July 2024 in time for the Paris Olympics.

The new lobby is impressively large, at 1,000 square meters/ 10,700 square feet. Considering the limited number of La Premier passengers at any one time, it is very spacious. The lobby also has a new check-in area, private suites with bedrooms, and a private outdoor patio area.

The New La Premiere Facility at Paris CDG

The new La Premier facility includes the following upgrades:

New Check-In Lobby

Upon arrival at the airport, La Premier travelers are greeted by a dedicated concierge. After handling their luggage, the concierge escorts the passengers to the new dedicated check-in area and lobby.

The New Air France La Premier Check In Lobby
The New Air France La Premier Check In Lobby Image Courtesy of Air France

The check-in lobby has 15 seats and two private lounges for additional exclusivity. Designed in collaboration with the SGK Brandimage agency, the lounge is decorated in whites and greys with red accents. The space is brightly lit with lots of natural light. It is exquisitely furnished with pieces from famous French designers Christophe Pillet and Pierre Paulin.

New La Premiere Private Lounge area
New La Premiere Private Lounge area image courtesy of Air France

The area is available to both departing and arriving La Premier travelers. La Premiere travelers arriving at CDG can use the lounge to relax, shower, and collect their baggage after the flight.

Air France La Premier Connected Suites

La Premier passengers can choose from three exclusive suites connected to the lobby for those wanting the ultimate seclusion and privacy. These suites are nearly 45m/500ft. For larger parties traveling together, two of the three suites can be connected.

New Private suite in the La premier lounge
New Private suite in the La premier lounge image courtesy of Air France

A dedicated butler will give passengers a tour of the suite, which will feature its own unique style and character. The suites feature fresh flowers, haute couture finishes, and luxury linens. Also, each suite will feature a famous piece of French art. Each suite features a unique decor with famous elements of French design, including:

  • Charlotte Perriand’s writing table.
  • Pierre Paulin’s Ribbon chair.
  • Philippe Starck’s Privé sofa.
New La Premiere Private lounge bedroom
New La Premiere Private lounge bedroom image courtesy of Air France

There is so much more to the suites than a simple private space. Each unique space will feature the following spaces:

  • A spacious, beautifully decorated living area.
  • Bedroom with a double bed.
  • A bathroom with a wide range of amenities.
  • Large outdoor patio with seating area.
La Premiere private room Bathroom
La Premiere private room Bathroom image courtesy of Air France

Guests in the new La Premiere lobby will be able to indulge in a menu by Alain Ducasse and will also have access to the Sisley spa.

Private lounge terrace and patio area
Private lounge terrace and patio area image courtesy of Air France

New La Premiere Cabin Around The Corner

Air France has been hinting that it will upgrade its excellent La Premiere product for a couple of years. Recently, the airline seems to aim to introduce the new product in late October 2024. However, nothing is set in stone, and the launch may be pushed back.  That said, here is what we know about the new Air France La Premiere suite:

  • Fully private: The suite is enclosed, although it is unclear if this will be done with a curtain or hard doors.
  • Multiple Spaces: the new suite will have three distinct spaces, including a chaise lounge, flatbed, and a seat.
  • Dual Screens: The new seats will have two video/IFE screens and a wireless tablet to control all their features.
  • The new first-class cabin will only have three seats, presumably in a 1-1-1 configuration.
  • The new La Premiere Seat will be the longest cabin in the industry, with five windows.

At this time, it is unclear which Air France aircraft will feature the new suites. However, that should be made clear in the near future with the main launch announcement. Also Air France will be announcing new business class seats in the near future.

Final Thoughts

Air France La Premiere is already up there in terms of the ground service or the hard product in the skies. Very few airlines can compete in terms of service and opulence. To see the airline taking the initiative and aiming to improve a product that is already one of the best in the skies is amazing news. The cherry on top is Air France upping its ground game and vastly improving the already excellent La Premiere ground experience in Paris Charles De Gaulle. Hopefully, Oscape will get to review the amazing La Premier sooner rather than later.

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