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Status Match Experience: Delta Diamond Medallion to Alaska MVP Gold 75K

Osman Dadi
At the end of 2023 I status matched from Delta Diamond Mediallion into Alaska Airlines MVP Gold 75K. I already tried and love the new benefits - this will be my primary frequent flyer program for 2024.

This status match to Alaska Airlines MVP Gold 75K has become my primary program for the 2024 year. I originally wanted to post this article in October 2023, concurrently with my status match to JetBlue.

Unfortunately between travel and client obligations at the end of the year, I fell completely behind in finishing this post! However, it’s very important to my 2024 travel strategy – and I’d still like to post this for educational purposes.

Following Delta’s brazen move to dramatically raise their Medallion earning fees and reduce associated benefits, two airlines stepped up to poach Delta Frequent Fliers in late 2023. First came Alaska Airlines, and then came JetBlue.

I ended up applying to the programs in reverse, and pursued the Alaska Airlines status match on October 30th prior to the opportunity expiring.

Reading into the details, I learned that as a 2023 Diamond Medallion (expiring Dec ’23) I’d match into MVP Gold 75K thru 2024, since I already hold an Alaska Airlines Visa Business credit card.

I used the Alaska Airlines Visa Business card frequently anyway.

Why I Want to Do This

Although I was less excited about this status match than into JetBlue, this status has a range of useful perks in both Alaska and the oneworld network.

Alaska Airlines MVP Gold 75K status perks

  • Complimentary Premium Class seating
  • Complimentary First Class upgrades (within 3 days of travel)
  • 125% status mileage bonus (and mileage based earning)
  • Alaska first class guest upgrades 
  • Priority check-in, security, and boarding
  • Same day flight changes & priority standby
  • Three complimentary checked bags
  • Complimentary drink or chocolate in economy
  • Four Alaska Lounge day passes

Oneworld Emerald perks

  • Oneworld Emerald status (including lounge access)
  • Reciprocal elite perks on American
  • American Airlines upgrade certificate

I am not west coast based, so generally Alaska Airlines is not as useful to me except as a connecting carrier or as a provider to get to the West Coast.

I still have many flights to Asia I’ll be taking this year. I’ll likely use Seattle, San Francisco, or Los Angeles as self-connect transfer airports.

I use Alaska Mileage Plan for award bookings frequently, including flights to South America on LATAM for 45,000 or more points, and flights to Japan on Japan Airlines for 60,000 or more points.

My favorite part about Alaska MVP Gold 75K is that you still earn miles on Alaska from actual miles flown, not just cash spent. With the elite status bonus multiplier of 125%, some flights on Alaska can earn large mileage bonuses. This means you can rack up points for redemptions efficiently.

Experience Applying for the Status Match

This status match application was very easy and took 10 minutes to complete.

The requirements are to list your current program, Alaska mileage plan number, email, and a screenshot of the frequent flyer status.

Ten minutes later I was finished!

Getting Approved for the Status Match

After applying for the status match on October 30, 2023, I received my approval email on November 18, 2023.

I now have Alaska Airlines MVP Gold 75K thru the end of the year, in conjunction with the Alaska Airlines Business Card that I already hold. I’ll be exploring this extensively in 2024.

First Thoughts Trying Alaska Airlines MVP 75K Gold Benefits

This status match already influenced my travel in December 2023, when I flew to Hawaii and back for a wedding. On that journey, I took Delta Airlines inbound into Honolulu on B767-300 in Delta One. I had two bookings for the return journey – I needed to get to Portland, Oregon. This was the test of the value of Diamond Medallion versus MVP Gold 75K.

I chose Alaska Airlines over Delta Airlines at the last minute. Each booking cost $299 in economy. I was able to auto-upgrade to both Comfort+ and Premium class. The Delta flight was via LAX, originally on a B767-300; my target was scoring a lie-flat seat. The Alaska flight was via SEA, on a B737-900ER.

I then upgraded to First Class on the Alaska Airlines flight within 48 hours of travel. Meanwhile on Delta, I was #1 on the Upgrade List all the way to about seven hours from take-off, when I got bumped to #2. There were only two seats available. Rather than risk it, I chose Alaska Airlines.

I found the flight to be pleasant and comfortable.

Alaska Airlines offers great, cheap WiFi, spacious seats.

On the flipside – the food was lackluster and left me wanting for Delta’s course. I’d still prefer a lie flat with an In-Flight Entertainment system over Alaska’s recliner seats without IFE., this left me wanting more even though it was a night flight.

I spent my layover trying the Alaska Airlines Flagship Lounge in Seattle, using one of my four annual passes. This 15,800 square feet lounge at Sea-Tac Airport in the North Satellite has grand fireplace, local coffee brews, a spacious bar, and the best runway views at the airport.

After flying Alaska Airlines on this trip, I have also decided that the cost of Delta Gold Medallion is not worth it to me – even though I was only $1000 MQDs away from achieving Gold Medallion.

Having Alaska Airlines MVP 75K status will certainly influence my travel for the upcoming year.

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