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Elevate your travel game for exceptional adventures. We understand that your life is valuable, and your travels should be nothing less.

We design tailor-made bespoke travel experiences and lifestyle strategy solutions to align with your values and your unique needs.

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$197 USD – 1 Hour Travel Consultation
  • Get on a one hour Zoom call with us and ask us anything about travel, points and miles, or help with planning your trip.
  • We’ll research with you and be your dedicated guide to planning and strategizing your travel goals for maximum value.
  • $97 USD – Add-On Text Support through your journey by WhatsApp, Telegram, and Email.
$997 USD – Custom Itinerary Consultation and Solutions
  • Includes one hour initial consultation Call, itinerary PDF and bookings.
  • $97 USD – Add-On Text Support through your journey by WhatsApp, Telegram, and Email.
  • $247 USD – Add-On Custom Booking Service – we’ll book and manage up to six reservations on your behalf.
$1097 USD – 24 Hour Tour Guide (+$497 for each extra day)
  • Plus an additional $497 USD for each extra day.
  • Local travel is considered reimbursable.
  • International travel is considered reimbursable if a special trip is required. Or, you can time your journey with ours and we’ll cover it!
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Terms and Conditions
Terms & Conditions

All ticket purchases are fully refundable up to one day before the event (11:59pm the day before the event is scheduled).

Due to the nature of the some of the distilleries being small or independent, we sometimes encounter bottle scarcity or unavailability, and limited ability for imports. We will do our best to source the limited supply we can find, hence the exclusivity of this event.

We are able to procure as many bottles as our capacity & law allows; all services subject to us following the laws “by the book.”

Please contact Os by email for any specific questions:

Topics & Ideas

At Oscape, we’re not just a travel agency; we’re your passport and bespoke consultant to extraordinary travel.

We’ve got your back when things get tricky, we’re masters at negotiating and strategizing for you, and we’re here to craft unforgettable experiences.

Experience and Find The Local Gems
  • Find the local gems in any locale worldwide.
    • Spas
    • Onsens
    • Hot Springs
    • Local Food, especially family owned and operated establishments
    • Local Coffee, especially family owned and operated establishments
    • Best specialty alcohol venues – Whisky, Sour Beer, and more
  • Our Local Gems are perfectly curated to the type of experience you’re most interested in.
  • Forget guesswork. We delve into your preferences, ensuring your travel recommendations are in harmony with your goals.
Plan Your Perfect Whisky Tasting Experience
  • Plan a trip to Scotland or Japan to try whisky.
Find Out How to Use Your Miles and Points Most Effectively
  • We’ll analyze your points and miles accounts, and tell you exactly where and how you’ll find the most value.
Living A Five Star Life Abroad
Plan the Perfect Trip for a Specific Budget
Suggest A New Destination or Service, We’ll Research It

The Problem

Planning a trip is a time consuming process. If you’re a busy, wealthy independent who appreciates nice things, you’re probably also full-time managing a family, business, and  life. There’s never enough time for properly learning, planning, and researching your travel and leisure plans. You’ve probably accumulated a massive surplus of points and miles, and have no idea how to use them effectively.

Your Challenges:

  • No time to research travel options and watch ticket prices, to buy when they’re fair and reasonable.
  • There’s not enough time to learn and understand how to use your resources, such as points and miles, more effectively.
  • Implementing Points and Miles effectively is a complex process that’s constantly changing.
  • Maybe you’re going to a new place, and you’re not aware of where to find authentic local tastes.
  • Maybe it’s difficult to handle different language barriers to local places for reservations, let alone finding the best local venues for an authentic local experience.

Too caught up in your day-to-day life, you need a partner you can trust that has already done it all, who understands your tastes and needs.

Our Approach (How It Works)

With our hundred of thousands of miles of travel experience worldwide – Trust us to take your miles and desires for leisure and pleasure, further.

Getting to Know You

We start by getting to know you – your goals, your preferences, and your quirks. We’ll chat about your travel aspirations and create an itinerary that’s as unique as you. One-size-fits-all is not our approach.

Masterful planning

Once we understand the uniqueness of your travel personality, we get to work. We plan, brainstorm, and curate the perfect experience for you.

Hassle-Free Execution

Leave the logistics to us. We’ll research, track and manage all the boring bits, so you can look forward to what matters.

On Demand Support When It Most Matters most

When technical difficulties or mother nature takes plans off course, we have your back with on-demand support.

A Long Term, Ongoing Relationship

Your journey doesn’t end when you land back home. We’re in it for the long haul. We’ll ensure you’re satisfied, keep in touch, and get you ready for the next adventure.

Business Meets Pleasure

Our travel strategies are tailored for discerning leaders. We balance your specific business and leisure needs, designed to elevate your travel experience by providing a perfect blend of subtle luxury and utmost convenience.

Support Services

When travel hiccups arise, we’re your lifeline. There’s no challenge too great for our problem-solving expertise, and we’ll always be reachable by Text, Call, Email, or Messaging App.

Unlock Our Trusted Network

Our network opens doors to hidden destinations and diversity of knowledge, passions, backgrounds, and people.


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