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Osman Dadi

Welcome to! I’m so glad you stopped by to take a look at us! 

We are a globally focused travel and lifestyle website that launched in May 2023, after existing as an idea since early 2018. I look forward to sharing our talent with you, and if you ever feel so inclined please email me at I’d love to hear from you.


Osman Dadi, Oscape

What Makes Oscape Unique

  • Global coverage.
  • Multiple languages, accessible to readers across the world
  • Combined focus on Boutique Travel and Spectacular Photography.
  • Coverage across a range of airlines and products, globally.
  • Focus on Car Rental Experiences
  • Focus on Onsens, Spas and Hot Springs
  • Focus on Whiskey, Beer and Wine

Why I Created Oscape

I first discovered the world of points, miles, and air travel while in college, routinely flying on Continental Airlines between Houston Texas IAH and Washington, DC area airports, to my hometown of Rockville, Maryland. I didn’t know about credit cards and points bonuses at the time, and earned miles organically through loyal travel with the carrier.

My first reward booking was for 15,000 miles, a round trip ticket on a Continental Express ERJ-145 from Houston IAH to Albuquerque New Mexico ABQ and back.

Many years later in 2015, I picked up my first credit card, a Chase Sapphire Preferred, and earned 80,000 bonus points, from which I booked nine different flights over that next year, and discovered how to travel frugally.

Not all was savvy – within two years I mismanaged my finances, and wound up in five figure credit card debt! It took me about three years to get out, but was one of my greatest life lessons of how to travel and use points/miles responsibly. 

In 2018, I founded my first LLC business, venturing into Photography and also into Construction. My passion for travel never died. What changed was realizing that, being very privileged to be able to travel the world virtually at will in premium cabins, I wanted to share these experiences with you and with the world as a service. In this regard, I am one of the luckiest individuals alive on Earth today.

It has taken many years for Oscape to get off the ground running – first conceived in 2018, we began development in earnest in late 2022, and finally launched in 2023.

My Travel and Financial Philosophy

I LOVE nice things and Live for Beauty!!

Though sometimes getting to and from a place quickly is the priority, my usual goal is to create the most exciting and enjoyable experience for my journey, and understanding what creates the best hard product combined with an amazing “user experience” for travel.

While not always possible, I try and keep my trips under $1000 in costs per week, including the airfare.

I refuse to hold any credit card debt, and always pay off my balances in full even before billing cycles end.

For the amount of frequent travel I do, I try to hold at least one high loyalty status in each category of travel – Airlines, Hotels, and Rental Cars. Recently I have enjoyed Delta Diamond Medallion status, JetBlue Mosaic 4, Hertz Presidents Circle and National Executive Elite, and have previously held status with Alaska, American, Virgin America, Cathay Pacific, and other carriers.

My Philosophy on Travel Reviews and Experiences

There are a whole range of experiences and services that vendors can provide. In a nutshell:

  • Basic, no frills
  • Standard
  • Premium
  • Elite, Luxury
  • Custom and Calibrated

Here’s What I Look For

  • Is the service level and what is being provided, clear?
  • Are the services and quality of product in line with competitors?
  • Is the product consistent, both the soft product and the hard product?
  • How satisfying is the experience?

What Else Do I Do?

Oscape is only my fun, part time operation.

I’m a travel superhero by night; and I’m a master Project Manager and Owner’s Representative in the Architecture and Construction world in New York City, USA, in my day to day life.  

Check out my other company Arcobee for how to build your Architecture and Construction project On Time, On Budget, and to the Highest Standard. We also provide Project Management services in the Architecture and Construction space – for renovations, new and old builds including buildings and interiors.

Find me here:

How Oscape.World Makes Money

Although I would love to offer everything I can for free, the world rarely values “free,” it costs us to produce and operate the site, and we can produce even better work and value through our revenue. 

Oscape profits primarily from Affiliate Marketing and advertising, as well as our Sales and Subscriptions.

Follow the link to our Advertising, Editorial and Ethics policy to learn more.