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Announcement: Temporary Delay

Osman Dadi
Oscape took a leave of absence from April 8th thru May 1st for various reasons - a debilitating cold, as well as a major theft.

Hello from Houston, Texas! I unfortunately need to announce to our readers that our latest article posts on Oscape are delayed for the moment.

Unfortunately, on this last week’s return from Japan, I’ve fallen unwell and have been fighting a cold. Choosing to rest, many articles are not fully ready to be released, nor have I been able to give my full attention to completing them – and instead, am resting hoping I’ll get better as soon as possible.

We will be back on schedule and posting articles as soon as is feasible. I do apologize for the delay. It’s not my style to post incomplete articles, and many that were scheduled for this week had to be taken down so they can be finished.

We will resume on schedule again next week!

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